Monday, October 11, 2010

Yamaha Tyros 4 Voices

The Yamaha Tyros4 has an expanded and enhanced set of exceptionally authentic Voices, and gives you the means to play these Voices more naturally and with greater expressiveness. In particular, the Tyros has many new Super Articulation Choir Voices, with amazingly realistic and natural human voice sounds—giving you even more expressive capability.

You’ll hear something different as soon as you play Tyros 4’s classical choir Voices: the sound is incredibly natural thanks to Ambient Sampling. For sampling, microphones are normally positioned close to the instrument to capture a direct sound which includes very little of the rooms ambience. For Tyros4’s new classical choirs, the microphone positions were carefully adjusted to capture not only the sound of the choir but also the ambience of the room, resulting in unprecedented clarity and realism of sound.

Together with technologies such as Super Articulation, Tyros 4’s pop vocals use Yamaha’s latest voicing technology, Wave Cycling, to bring hugely versatile vocal creativity to your performances. Tyros4 is packed with different vocal articulations such as Aah, Bah, Bee, Doh etc., and Wave Cycling varies the articulation of the Voice as you play. This means that you can now play incredibly realistic “shoo-bee-doo-bah” and scat vocals with remarkable ease!

Tyros 4's acoustic grand piano is based on the world famous Yamaha CFIIIs Concert Grand. Multi sampling has been used to provide natural expressive tonal changes with velocity, and a new touch curve makes it incredibly easy to hit the sweet spots of the piano voice. Super Articulation adds damper pedal sustain samples and key-off sounds.

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